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Vulture by LittleFearsDA Vulture by LittleFearsDA
There’s been a lot of blog posts on this usual non-bloggy website recently right? I certainly hope there’s not too many of them. If you feel your getting spammed by me, let me know in comments. Useful feedback is always appreciated.

This post goes back to the stuff I said I would post here four months ago and never did. As I have said in previous posts, I write six stories, draw six tiles and doodle one asset every working day. How many do you see? Barely a fraction makes it online. Mostly because I produce a lot of chaff (don’t we all), so I discard the worst. Some I save for a rainy day. Some I intend to give away to Patreons, both digital and physical copies. Some are for saleable artworks.

Some of the pictures I doodle are intended to be drawn just for the sake of drawing them. Because I enjoy doodling them and would like to share them. Vulture is one such creature. I originally drew him in black and red. Then I saw Colour Collective were having a Timberwolf grey theme this week and DMStrachan’s Flickr group, Scribblers Cove, had a Second Life exhibition featuring whimsical art. A quick modification, decorate it a lil digitally and it would be rude not to join in right?

And hey, don’t be hating on him cause he looks a bit mean. Vultures provide a necessary environmental function. It’s not their fault there were at the back of the line when Creation was handing out good looks…

Some links for if you want to join in or nobble some of my wares.

Colour Collective:
Scribblers Cover:…
DMStrachan’s Blog:

Feas Threadless:
Fears Patreon:


NightmareChameleon Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2017  Student General Artist
I'd love to see vulture in your stories!
LittleFearsDA Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2017  Professional Artist
He's due to feature in one, but it's not going o be going online until end of 2018'ish. I've written sooooo far ahead! Haha!
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September 8, 2017
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